How to Succeed on Tinder Online?

Nobody had thought a decade ago that apps could later become a means for finding a partner or for hooking up. But now, we have Tinder Online, one of the most popular online dating apps. With a single swipe on Tinder, you may be able to find a good match. At present, millions of people of all ages get amazing opportunities to find a date on Tinder.

Yet, there are also millions of people who get frustrated with Tinder. They get rejected so to say! They get frustrated because they don’t necessarily get matched with a lot of people. Some say they don’t get matched because they are not attractive. But a lot of attractive people also don’t get matched more often on Tinder. So, what went wrong?

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What does expert say?

Well, professional dating expert, Chris Shepherd, has this to say about this problem. He said: "You have to do things right on Tinder Online at the onset!" What he is saying is that at the start, you should configure your account correctly. This implies that you should link your Tinder account to your true Facebook account and not to a dummy FB account.

Linked with your true FB account, Tinder will automatically get access to your Facebook pictures and select your most liked pic on FB. Moreover, Tinder will automatically exclude your FB friends from accessing your Tinder account. Tinder will also tell you if a prospect has a common FB friend with you. So what Shepherd is really saying is—you should correctly configure your Tinder profile at the onset.

Remember that Tinder registers several millions of rejects a day. Many frustrated users of Tinder don't get matched at all because they don't use Tinder correctly. So, if you don’t set your account right, chances are, you’ll get rejected more often.

Carefully choose your profile photo!

Photographs would surely tell much about yourself. So, you need to carefully choose the photos that you’ll have on Tinder. Your goal in choosing your best photo is to make you look attractive to prospective partners. If you are a guy, you should choose a photo that usually gets the most reactions from girls. It may be a photo wherein you are looking directly at the camera, or it may be something else.

Don’t choose a photo wherein your face is way off the center or is distant and almost unrecognizable. If you choose a photo wherein you are with a friend, make sure that you stand out better than your friend. That photo should also project that you are having a good time with your friend. This will make you appear very sociable. In a way, your photo should highlight and amplify your qualities!

Timing is important!

Animals have their own mating seasons, and humans have theirs too! The approach of Valentine’s Day, for example, sets the libidinal gauge soaring in many people. Similarly, there are swiping times that really matter on Tinder Online. If you would swipe early in the morning, there is a great likelihood that you will get rejected. But if you swipe during evening, specifically at around 9 pm, you'll get a better chance of getting matched.

But what about days? Is there a specific lucky day for swiping? Some so-called experts would say that weekends are the best days for swiping. Yet, experts would readily debunk this baseless advice! The real experts will tell you that you would get matched better if you swipe early in the week.

Education is a huge “come-on.”

It is surprising, but it’s true that education is a huge “come-on” on Tinder. Statistics show that 96% of Tinder users value education. They consider it as a key factor that determines their swipes. Thus, it is not superfluous to show off your educational attainments on your account. You should flaunt it a bit.

Make your spiel about yourself right!

People will read your spiel about yourself if they get interested in your photo. So, you need to carefully word your spiel about yourself. Make it something very punchy! Indicate clearly your preference! You can also write something like: “Message me if you are like this.” This will let others know that you are specifically looking for this type of person.

If you get matched-up, carefully word your first message!

Your first message is surely a make or break! So, enable yourself to stand out with your first message. You surely don’t want to send a message like, “Hey, wazzup!” You know for a fact that 99% of users do this! So, make yourself unique! Moreover, try to connect emotionally and you’ll surely go a long way on Tinder Online. Remember too that the hard works really start after you have been matched!

Don't lose your humor!

Do you sometimes wonder how those “not-so-nice-looking” guys get those awesome looking girls! Most probably, those guys are not without good humor. Or maybe they are filthy rich! Well, let's face it. If you are not filthy rich, compensate for your lack of it by having a good sense of humor. You are more likely to attract another person if you are humorous.

Ask for a date!

Many guys on Tinder online fail to ask for a date. They may have various reasons why they don't ask. But if you don't ask for a date, you would not likely get a date. On Tinder, the best time to ask for a date is right after exchanging several fun messages. Make sure that you lock in on a date if you are really interested in a person.