The Real Reason Why People Use Tinder Online

If you have been waiting for a desktop version of Tinder, you are not the only one... However, your prayers have been finally listened - and you can now ditch the smartphone app and swipe left and right by using your computer.
Yes, it's real.

Tinder Online has been already tested in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy and the Philippines. So far, the app developers have received great feedback by users and will likely announce the official Tinder desktop version soon. Tinder On Desktop: How Game-Changing It Actually Is?

If you are asking yourself why people actually use Tinder online, it's really simple.

The dating platform now lets you improve your desktop experience, see the photos of your matches on bigger screens and always be responsive - even at work! In fact, there will even be a sneaky feature such as 'Work Mode' on Tinder Online that will allow you to use the app, swipe, match and chat without your boss finding out about it! It's all done from the small briefcase icon that will take you to a fake Google Doc-esque page, making it look like you are working.

Plus, Tinder Online for desktop lets you be more attentive to your chat messages and be able to reply instantly from the comfort of your keyboard. Also, you can view your match's profile while you chat.

Genius, isn't it?
A Lot Of Features That Make Tinder Worth Using From The Computer (Or At Work....Pssst!)

The swiping will be done by dragging a prospective match's card to the right or left, announcing the Tinder desktop experience which will definitely turn a lot of heads out there.

In order to access Tinder Online on desktop, you will have to log in with your Facebook account and enjoy the optimized desktop version. After you do that, you can enjoy the hours of swiping, matching and flirtatiously chatting with new matches on your list.

Let's just hope that the global launch of the desktop version of Tinder - Tinder Online - is going to happen soon everywhere around the world. Still, we don't want any jobs being lost due to swiping and chatting - so please use Tinder in the proper way - you know, if you don't want to lose your job.