Tinder is the right dating site for single men and women of various ages. This dating platform has been around for five years, since its inception in 2012. The online dating platform has since then, racked a lot of users. Currently, there is about 10 million users subscribed to the platform, which uses it daily. In addition to this, there is about 26 million daily matches for users and 1.4 billion flips, any of these flips could be you!

That is not all! Prior to this year, interested users where restricted to smartphone as the only medium of access but not anymore! Now there is no more emphasis on having a high-speed network service for your tinder experience to run smoothly. No more need for a smartphone with tinder app as the only means of access! And no more complaint of insufficient space in phones! All you need is a browser and an Internet access!


According to tinders production team, Tinder online is meant to give your professor, or inquisitive coworkers no chance to see what you are onto and frustrate their plan to limit you. If utilising your phone in class is frowned, upon there is no need to worry. All you need do is register Tinder-Online.com on your laptop Web browser and enjoy the service. Features like swiping, matching and chatting is fully in effect on Tinder online.

There is a cool feature that comes with Tinder online! The "Work Mode" which helps you have a sneaky. In addition to this, those who are working under supervision can click the small briefcase icon found in the online platform. When this briefcase is clicked, it quickly changes the current layout to a fake Google doc page, which will give others the idea that you are really working! Hence, quit letting life getting in the way of your Tinder fun.


If you are new to the online platform, all you need do is log onto Tinder.com and you will easily recognize the features and how to navigate. However, if you are new to Tinder dating platform, you will need to register. You can register into Tinder online through your Facebook account. Currently, the plan of making SMS another means of registering and signing in is underway. Soon, anyone can access Tinder Online by just having a phone.

For newbies, after creating your account, choose your best photo then write your bio and start swiping. It is that easy. When swiping, if you notice a signature that says "it is a match" you can swipe right and start chatting. On PC the later option is far easier and convenient.

Currently, Tinder.com is made accessible to many countries as beta testers. Countries like, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, Philippines and Mexico. All these features and test are the various ways Tinder Dating Platform is sending a message to the world that it is ready to help more people find true love.