Understanding Tinder Online and Online Dating

The contemporary time is definitely a time that is characterized by people who always have a penchant for the “instant.” If you would, for example, want an instant coffee, you can easily have an instant coffee. If you need a gadget, you can easily go online and order the gadget online, and if you need food, you can readily order and have instant food. This penchant for the “instant” has also percolated into the area of relationships and dating. Nowadays, if you want an instant date, you can simply go online, look for the most popular dating app, and you can have your immediate date without so much fuss. It’s as easy as that! Dating becomes so easy because of the availability of online dating apps.

One of the most popular dating apps online is that of Tinder. As a location-based search mobile app, Tinder Online allows users various dating options online. Its most prominent feature allows you to swipe right if you like a pic or profile and swipe left if you don’t want to date someone. As a dating app that was launched in 2012, it has grown into the most popular dating app in the world with over a billion swipes every day.

The driving idea behind the founding of Tinder hinges on the fact that it is easier to make friend or approach a person and ask her/him for a date, if that person likes you. Sean Rad, one of the founders of Tinder, together with his co-founders, made this idea the central concept behind the establishment of Tinder. Not all people are gutsy enough to ask someone they like for a date for nobody wants to be turned down. Hence, with this view in mind, Tinder has made it easy for anyone who wants to have a date to find someone to date. Moreover, many people have very small social circle. With the help of Tinder Online, however, these people can readily expand their social circles and find people with similar likes and personalities. 

Does Tinder Encourage Hookups?

Some people negatively consider Tinder to be an instrument or avenue for instant hook-ups. Moreover, some so-called pundits say that this dating app encourages a “hookup culture,” and thus, weakening the very fiber of marriage. Well, obviously, a lot of guys can get hooked up with a lot of girls and vice versa using Tinder and other dating apps, for these apps allow them a ready means of communicating with a lot of people. This may be one of the downsides of having dating apps like Tinder.

On the upside, however, guys—who are not sociable and not expressive of whom they like—are enabled by Tinder Online to expand their choices and options for marriage and relationship. People usually meet their “would-be” partners in life via acquaintance or family members. More often, they also meet their “would-be” partners in life at their workplace. But with the availability of dating apps like Tinder, users are able to find their partners in life outside of the conventional ways of finding a partner in life.

How to Operate Tinder the App?

Via the help of Facebook, Tinder builds a user profile along with photos. The basic information of the user is generally gathered, and Tinder app's algorithms is able to analyze and create a social graph for each of its users. Candidates are then grouped based on the following criteria, namely: number of mutual friends, geographical location, and common interests. Viewing the results of the potential candidates, a user is enabled to like another user anonymously by simply swiping right if the user likes a profile or by swiping left if the user wants to pass on someone. If two users ended up liking each other, the two then are enabled to chat with each other using the app.

The other features of Tinder Online, aside from the "Swipe" include its Instagram integration that enables its users to readily access Instagram profiles; Common connections that allow its users to see whether another user shares mutual Facebook friend, and Tinder Gold that was introduced worldwide in August of 2017 and enables users to view those who had already liked them before swiping.

Tinder Will Continue to Increase in Popularity

Tinder is definitely growing in popularity throughout the world and there is surely no stopping its growing popularity as a dating app. In fact, it is now available in more than 40 languages. Moreover, as of 2014, it had been estimated that around 50 million people have been using this app every month, and around 12 million matches are realized per day. Furthermore, there are around 1 billion swipes every day. Lastly, Tinder will remain popular in the near future for the game of love and relationship will continue to remain vibrant in this world in the near future.