Understanding Tinder-select.com

Although most of us are familiar with the Tinder apps, not many among us are privy to what is happening in Tinder-select because it is a members-only version of the Tinder platform. This means that there is an aura of exclusivity with regards to Tinder-select. Tinder-select.com is usually referred to as "Tinder for models, celebrities, and millionaires" for it functions like a virtual VIP section of the Tinder app that high rollers and celebs can readily use to socialize and communicate with their fellow VIPs.

Tinder-select is designed to satisfy its higher echelon users, and its users are likely to stick around with it. On the other hand, celebs and affluent Instagram users can readily use it as private dating apps. Tinder-select has been serving as an “easy-to-use” platform wherein its elite users—CEOs, super-attractive gals and guys, and super models—can readily find their equally elite and super-attractive dates. There is, however, no clear-cut rule on who gets invited and who are denied access to the apps. Yet, those who get selected and invited are generally characterized by affluence and super-attractiveness.

Tinder, as a popular dating app, appears to be engaged in some dirty little secrets of supporting a members-only version within its platform that only caters to elite users, CEOs, super-attractive gals and guys, and supermodels.

The Mysterious Purpose of Tinder Select

It is not easy to figure out what is the real reason why Tinder select exists, but it may be right to surmise that it is just a part of Tinder that is specifically designed to cater to the top and affluent users of Tinder. Moreover, it may be a platform designed to compete with other private dating apps that solely cater to affluent and high-profile personalities.

Since it is operating exclusively and on members-only version, its exclusivity is a source of much speculations for those who are not members of the Tinder-select. Moreover, its exclusivity gives its members an aura of superiority over those who are non-members of Tinder-select. Its being highly secretive and exclusive also makes it more mysterious to the outsiders and non-members of Tinder-select.

It seems that Tinder has sent invitations to specifically-chosen people to join the platform, and some of those invited people are given the nominating power to nominate people for memberships. However, Tinder-select appears to be not readily giving nominating powers to those who were just casually nominated, and this setup appears to be an effective control in preventing the number of members from ballooning uncontrollably. Lastly, Tinder-select seems to be using special algorithms that factor well in the selections of members.