Using Tinder Away From The App

Social media networks and platforms are arguably some of the best gifts to fall from the internet. It comes with little surprise that most of the applications on the windows, google, and app stores are social media platforms. Social media has smoothened the process of socialization and communication between family and friends, and lovers too.

Tinder counts as one of the most sophisticated social media/ online dating apps to be invented. It lets you sign up quickly by gathering your Facebook details, and uses your location to pin point your location. Everybody wants to meet new people around them, and the Tinder uses your GPS information to do just that; set you up with Tinder users near you.

It’s all fun being on Tinder. Swiping through thousands of friends near you, liking awesome and attractive photos, showing your new friends what you’ve been up to, you might even find a soul mate on Tinder. Celebrities also feature on Tinder, so, it’s popping out everywhere. Yea! However, it’s all good until you cannot have the Tinder app on your phone for some reasons, and this consequentially means that you are going to have to stay off Tinder.

You will have to make do with missing and being missed by your Tinder friends, and missing out on awesome stories that your friends share via images. Basically, it would feel like a part of you was ripped apart, something close to a heartache.

Using Tinder Online (on web)

This would be your fate if you can’t use the Tinder app for any reason. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. What if you could login to your Tinder account from any random PC, or mobile browser without need to use the app. That would be great, right? Well, consider Christmas to be coming in early this year because now you can.

Using Tinder-Online, you can access the full features of the Tinder social media without logging in through any app. It’s an effortless way to get your Tinder game going without the app. Personally, I think anyone who gets very distracted by social media might want to opt for Tinder Online. This way you can use Tinder in a more measured capacity, if that is you.

The Tinder Online platform is open to pretty much everyone from any part of the world. If you are fan of big screens, you can also take the opportunity to enjoy Tinder on a bigger computer screen. And if you want bigger, buy a very big display unit for your computer. Okay, that was a silly joke, but Tinder Online lets you enjoy everything you get from the Tinder app on web.